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2-22.16, I am investing in all Cheetahlights this year. The New Cheetah light X series will be my choice. I will be selling the Rovelights in the coming weeks……

Flash that work with Sony A Series……


Thought I would put together an article on the flash that I own and know will fire the Alpha mirroless camera notobily the A7s, A7r and the A6000. I do not own any Sony brand flash so I really cannot comment on those other than the fact that I have heard that if you tilt the sony while in vertical mode you loose HSS. I imagine it is because of the mechanics of the flash, they also have a video light mode on those which I really love.

I opted to purchase the Phottix brand due to their built in Odin TX and RX and they do not exhibit the limitation with vertical orientation as the Sony brand. The Phottix are the new multi shoe flash that were announced in November 2014. They do not require a adapter to use in the hotshoe. Just make sure that you order the correct unit or it will not fit. There is an older unit that is labeled Sony/Minolta hotshoe. I used this flash during an 8 hour wedding and had no problems with operations or over heating. I did notice that I was at -7 compensation during most of the night due to high light clipping. The other dislike that I have is that if you take the the flash out of HSS it will resort back to a shutter speed of 160. Pressing the button again and the camera will go all the way to 1/8000 and 1/4000 on the a6000. If anyone has any ideas on why this is happening please post up!!

I will be updating this page and sharing as I find new information on the flash various flash systems.

UPDATE: 1-12-15,  I did a little testing today and noticed that the phottix will only keep up with about 3 frames in the high setting for frames per second on the A6000. The distance is great I hid this flash in the closet and went about 100 feet outside and saw that it lit up the room each shot.

Update: 6-20-15, I have replaced the Einstein lights in favor of the Adorama Flashpoint Rovelight. This is a very simple and portable solution for my prom/gala events. Rovelight in action

Update: 10-21-15, the Rovelight just keep operating without any problems other than the included remote in which ( Adorama) is currently replacing has a very limited range. I just keep that trigger in pocket to adjust power and use the Odin for Sony to fire the lights. I received the new remote triggers from Adorama last week and they are a major improvement especially the added increase in operating distance. I went about 100ft tried the remote and it fired each time and to add, the light was behind 3 walls! Thanks again Adorama for addressing the issue!!


Setup from a recent military ball with the Odin to fire and Sony a7s and 55mm 1.8.




From a recent wedding Sony A7II with 35 2.8 FE lens, One Rovelight with a 60″ umbrella behind me.


Another from a recent wedding Sony A7r with 35 2.8 FE lens, One Rovelight with a 60″ umbrella behind me.

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1184

The above photo was the first photo taken with the Sony7s, Sony 24-70 FE @f4 1/8000sec and the Phottix flash in HSS mode.

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1185

The above transmitter (only) will require the adapter before it will fit into the hotshoe. This system is fully TTL and HSS. This is my go to system for weddings, receptions and events!

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1205Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1210

^^My cure for that ever annoying blinking light! Gaffers tape seem to solve the problem with no effect on the operation of the flash.

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1211

The next system that I want to mention is the Cheetahlight system. They are branded under the names of Godox, Neewer, Wistro, Flashpoint, Interfit and others. They are manual systems and work perfectly with the Alpha cameras. The models that I have are the AD360x1 , AD180x2, 850×2 and CL-600×1. The unique thing about these is that the entire system can be wirelessly synched together. They all share the same wireless frequency, can be grouped and controlled from the camera position.Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1186

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1187

The black rubber bands that you see on the remotes have nothing too do with the mechanics of the flash. I am such a clut and seem to misplace things so I found some black rubber bands on amazon to hold                  the remotes onto the flash. They have been there for one year and no loss has occurred..

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1188The last lighting system that I have and tested with the mirrorless cameras is the Paul C. Bluff Einstein strobes and the cyber transmitter including the Cyber Commander. This system works flawlessly albeit in manual mode which you would want to use all studio strobes. It adds the traditional grouping and if the cyber commander is purchased, you have full lighting control from the camera position. I tested these on the A6000, A7s and A7II and they all fired with the cyber commander pictured here in the camera hotshoe. Solid around solution for studio work and mirrorless cameras..

Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1189Killeen TX Wedding Photographer_1190




  • January 19, 2015 - 12:43 am

    Nadine - I have a variety of different flashes that accumulate they the yrs that I triger with theEL-sky ports; now migrating toMFT AND INVESTED IN THE PANA
    GH2 & GH3 I would like to see a review on a TTL system for the GH3.. For at least 4 flashes…

    Recently heard that Quantum offers a system however the controller in the hot shoe is as big as the camera! Looks like suitcase lol

    IS PHOTIX coming up with something?

    Also some LED MAY BE useful for the short vid clips….

  • January 26, 2015 - 6:33 pm

    Mark - If you check, I think you’ll find that the A6000 has a maximum flash sync speed (non-HSS) of 1/160. That would be why when you take the flash out of HSS mode you can’t get a shutter speed faster than 1/160.

  • January 26, 2015 - 9:54 pm

    Rob's Photography - I checked, All of the A series have this limitation when not in HSS! Really not a big issue unless you are shooting fast moving subjects..

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