From Nikon to Sony

I am one of the growing photographers who has recently switched from the traditional digital dslr to mirrorless. My first choice was with the Fuji x100s. I really like this little camera but it was just not that fast for wedding work. I really love the fact that it had an 3stop ND filter built into the body. Next I chose Sony mirrorless because of their innovation and commitment to the trendy mirrors system. I heard the argument that sony does not offer but a handful of lenses. This is true but the lens that they do offer covers my genre of photography plus I can use the lens that I currently have for the Nikon D4.

The ELV or electronic view finder was another selling point. Imagine seeing exactly what the image will be as shot. Most dslr have an Optical View finder which in my opinion is antiquated and needs a major update.


My first assignment was second shooting with another photographer located in Austin Tx. I rented the Sony A7 and had it along with my Nikon D4 hanging by my side. Here are a couple of the detail photo that I was able to capture. The camera hunted for focus during the evening when the light was very low more than I wanted. The images were absolutely superb during the daylight hours but at night it suffered dearly. I returned this camera and purchased the a6000 and the A7s. This was an awesome combination!! The speed of the 6000 and the lowlight capabilities of the A7s were simply better than my one D4.

Beeville TX Photographer_1091

My next assignment was to shoot a full wedding with the Sony A7s, Sony A7r and the A6000. Since I have been with Nikon since the D100 days I felt that I needed to hang on to it and have it in the ready position if needed. I used all the aforementioned cameras during this wedding and did not have to refer the the D4. The a7s paired with the 55 1.8 FE worked flawlessly. The A7r paired with the 24-70 FE really showed its true colors during the formals. Here are a couple of examples of the A7r in action..

Sony A7r 24-70 FE, 7.1 160 iso 800

Beeville TX Photographer 7_emilyjoeyBeeville TX Photographer_1087

A quick snapshot with the A6000 55  f1.8, iso 1600:

Killleen TX Photographer_1093


So my collection now include these three Sony bodies:


The focusing system on these bodies is simply amazing. I love the fact that they have this feature named focus peaking. You get to zoom in incredibly close to fine tune your focus! My number of keepers have risen with the Sony cameras and the A7r files are a pleasure and easier to work with in post production.



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