Godox TT685 Sony Cheetahlight Flash

*****The TT685 is a great flash but I am going to direct Sony users over to the improved version of this flash, The New V860Xs for Sony Read about it    HERE

April 23, 2016

I used the TT685 at a real wedding yesterday and I have to admit either this flash ate batteries at a fast pace or I am simply used to using the Cheetahlight V850 flash. This particular flash has a rechargeable battery and last about 4 times longer than the TT685. The good news is that a new Cheethalight 860II (s) will be out on the horizon for Sony users with built-in TX/RX, this is the flash that I am anxious about!!

April 19, 2016

I received my personal working copy of the Godox Sony TT685 today thanks to Amazon Prime for Sunday delivery! The flash performs just as was originally reported. I have noticed no underexposed issues like another poster had reported. That posting has since been updated to state no significant over/under exposures issues. I have an event in a couple days where I will be using this and the Cheetahlight 180 and 360 together. In order to use this method you will have to change the olde USB adapters to the new XTR 2.4mhz adapter available on Amazon. The power levels can be increased and decreased from camera position, while the 685 fires in TTL mode. This is great for event photography.



March 21, 2016

I have been testing the new Godox TT685 Sony flash for the past couple of days. This flash is so new that there is actually no OEM box produced yet. This uint mimics some of the same specs of the Canon version.

The flash head zooms out to 200mm

The flash fully supports Sony TTL and HSS up to 1/8000 and workable as an Master or slave unit in a wireless group.

It also has an built in 2.4 wireless system to promote transmitting and receiving.

I have tested the TT685 on the Sony A6000 and Sony A7II, Sony A7rII and exposure is spot on on all of these cameras.

This photo was taken straight out of the box with the A6000 in the TTL mode…….

The Godox TT685 is available for purchase at over at Amazon TT685s and on Ebay.. This flashes uses 4 AA batteries, the new version will use an rechargeable lithium battery and Cheetahstand will carry this version when it becomes available.

Killeen TX_0762

Sony A6000 and kit lens, F4.5, 1/80, iso1000

The Histogram below shows that the exposure was spot on which was consistent with many of the photos taken with this flash and the Sony bodies that I tested.

Killeen TX_0768

Another photo with the Sony A6000 and kit lens, F4.5, 1/100, iso1000

Killeen TX_0764

Killeen TX_0763

Here is an comparison of the TT685 with the Godox TT685, Cheetahlight V850 and the Phottix Mitros + for Sony. The TT685 is sturdy and the build quality mimics the same as any of the higher end flash.Killeen TX_0776

This test shot was taken with the Sony A7II, f7.1, 1/2500 iso200 using the Odin for Sony transmitter and receiver off camera flash.

Killeen TX_0765

This photo clearly reveals the banding. Taken with Sony A6000, f4.5, 1/4000 iso100. Turning off e-Frount Curtain Shutter or lowering the shutter  will eliminate the banding….

The HSS function was tested also but what I found was that the synch/timing of the shutter and flash on all three camera created banding on my subject both while using the flash on camera and in the off camera mode using the Phottix Odin for Sony transmitter and receiver. A quick fix to this was to go into the camera menu and turn OFF e-Front Shutter Curtain and the banding disappeared. The banding appeared to be only visible at the Max setting 1/4000 on the A6000 and 1/8000 on the A7II and A7rII.


  • Exposure is spot on using the Sony A6000, Sony a7II and the Sony A7rII
  • Sturdy build quality that rivels Nikon and Canon hotshoe flash unit
  • The TTL/HSS function perfectly on camera as well as off camera using the Phottix for Odin transmitter and receiver 1st version.
  • The TT685 also works well when paired with the older Ft-16 trigger and the older “v series wireless remote”. The trigger will fire the flash off camera in TTL, which in my opinion is awesome!
  • The flash has a amber/blue color coded system to let you know that you are in wireless slave or TTL mode. Another awesome feature, just glance and make the correct connection!!


  • No focus assist light available on this flash. This may be important to some folks.
  • The batteries got extremely hot during 30 minutes of sporadic use. The flash never shut off but the low battery indicator would blink after each shot till I let the batteries cool.
  • During HSS testing the subject showed severe banding unless the e-Front Curtain Shutter was disabled in the camera menu.

Here area a couple of run and gun photos taken with the TT685 flash Sony A7II using TTL and no FEC…..

Photo by: Rob

Photo by: Rob’s Photography (www.a2rob.net)

Photo by: Rob

Photo by: Rob’s Photography (www.a2rob.net)

Photo by: Rob

Photo by: Rob’s Photography (www.a2rob.net)

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