CL-V860X for Sony


For Sony users looking for an affordable lighting solution the new Cheetahlight V860X is an really good alternative to the expensive brand flash units and offer built-in Transmitter and Receiver as well as an removable rechargeable battery that last for 650 full pops. This flash coupled with the soon to be released Godox/Cheetah X1TS transmitter will be a game changer. The X1T transmitter will power and provide HSS to the newly released 600X for Sony mirrorless camera system also. I had the opportunity to test the system out a couple of weeks ago with the Sony A7II, A7RII and the A6000 and it works great. The 860X is on preorder at this time over at

Here is a video of Ed Tang owner of using my Sony A7II with CL 860II, Qs24 soft box and the X1T-s photo follows…





I am a Sony Mirrorless camera user shooting with the Sony A7II, A6000, and the A7rII. We have been waiting for a while now for a comparable flash system with built in TTL and HSS. The Cheetahlight X series has just that and more. I just purchased the CL-600x from Cheetahstand and this strobe has roughly 600 watts of portable power and the battery pack is rechargeable so there are no cables to contend with. Another component of this system and perhaps the most important is the Trigger/Receiver system for dedicated to Sony MIS hotshoe cameras. It will be named the X1TS. …..And for those that must have a hotshoe flash the new CL-860IIs with a rechargeable battery will be coming up on the horizon. This flash has an incredible recycle time and power is not lost as the battery levels falls. I’ll discussed that in detail after tomorrow as I will be in Dallas testing all of the Cheetah X series…


The “S” in the above photo indicates that the light has received a signal from a Sony transmitter and the H indicates that the camera was placed in HSS mode!


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