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My Style

My style is completely laid back and relaxed.  “Stressed”, “time-crunch”, and “say cheese” are not in my vocabulary.  I strongly believe that photo sessions should be fun and spontaneous in order to truly capture my subjects and this style is reflected in my portraits.
Be prepared to kick off your shoes, skip down the street, go out for ice cream.  Don’t worry about that spot of dirt on her dress or his untied shoe laces.  Babies cry, boys get dirty, kids get sassy, zits happen. Let’s roll with it and leave the details up to me.

I shoot entirely on-location in available light.  This offers incredible flexibility in the style and “feel” of your portraits.  I also have equipment for off camera flash in the event darkness should fall upon us. You choose the place, or I can suggest possible locations to you. I’ve photographed at farms, botanical gardens, museums, ice cream parlors, and much more – the possibilities are endless!

I am a real person. I have shot numerous weddings an each wedding is different and unique, and I still enjoy my work. I usually shoot solo for myself, so with only two exceptions (One) (Two), all the photos on my website are my own.

If you enjoy my photography style, please let me know. Thank you!


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